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Even Your Organization is Interesting – REALLY!

Boring businesses don’t exist. Every business has something that sets it apart. That something is your story. Use your story to stand out from the others who do what you do, or sell what you sell.

There is something interesting to write about your business

You’re Not Boring

If you had a unique product, you could cut all sales efforts and replace that with order takers. All you would need to do is make sure folks knew about it, then sit back and watch the orders fly in.

Now, start a list of the products like that.

I’ll wait.

Are you done? Short list, right?

Since most of us don’t have a one-of-a-kind product or service, we need something to differentiate ourselves, something to make us stand out from the crowd.


You’re Different. Tell Us How.

How you do that is your story. It is why someone will buy from you, even though someone else is offering the same widget or service.

When I opened my former printing company 29 years ago, I was taught to avoid selling strictly on cost. “If everyone bought based on costs, there would only be one printer left in existence,” was the explanation.

There was some truth to the statement. Any idiot with the money could buy the same or similar equipment. (Sometimes I wondered if I was the idiot).

We set ourselves apart by adopting other technology to our printing business, hiring people who could run the hardware in a competent way, using good graphic designers on the front end and having enough intelligence to understand and accurately produce complex customer jobs on their deadlines. Add all these factors up, and we were doing more than just “making copies.”

We created a comfort level with customers and prospects. They knew they could come to my company and count on their work being done correctly and on time.

Where Do You Get Ideas?

You can conjure interesting stuff about your business, any business, and write about it. Here are a few suggestions to get your content juices flowing:

  • What’s new or different at your company?
  • What are you doing that is successful that would translate to other industries?
  • What interesting project or product have you worked on?
  • Who are your interesting customers about which you could write?
  • What are your customers doing that is interesting or could help other customers of yours?
  • How did you or a key employee learn the business?

Keep It Up. It Takes Time.

The important thing is to be consistent. Building trust and confidence takes more than one effort, or even a few. We have all watched You Tube videos that went viral. It’s rare, though, and how many of them would build trust or confidence in your business? This is not a slam on videos. On the contrary, use them appropriately and they are a superior way to inform and drive traffic.  Search engines love them.

I have customers who produce good ideas for their content.  A wholesale importer I work for takes control of shipping costs (a big part of the cost of his products). He starts at the packing process, before the products are exported from China. His first blogging effort included an article on those efforts and how it impacts his customers’ costs.  The effort and its explanation builds trust with customers and prospects. Rather than shopping multiple vendors to save a buck on each order, customers can be confident that this vendor is protecting their interests.