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Press Releases – A New Way To Market

Press releases are a specialty at TommyWrites. Owner Tom Brooks is a graduate of the Kiplinger Program of Public Affairs Reporting at Ohio State University and worked 12 years for United Press International. During that time, he read and evaluated more press releases in a week than most writers have seen in their lifetime.

Tom understands what editors want and often his stories will be published without a single change. Tom is a whiz at finding the correct “lead” for your story, that beginning which will spark the interest of the editor and later your readers, viewers or listeners.

Today,  Press Releases Give You Nearly Direct Media Access

Tom Brooks as an intern at UPI in New York

Tom interning at UPI headquarters in New York while a college senior.

You have a huge opportunity today to publicize your organization via almost direct access to certain media outlets. The online versions of local newspapers offer the opportunity to upload your own stories. There are even online-only, hyper-local news outlets out there. The key is knowing what they want and how to write it so that editors don’t completely redo it for you.

Tom worked as a reporter, writer and editor for UPI before moving into the marketing end of the international news gathering organization. He reported and wrote on events ranging from college and professional sports to state government, natural disasters and the election of the first black mayor in Birmingham, AL.  He interviewed legislators, mayors, governors, a future president, entertainers and plenty of everyday folk. One of his first national bylines, barely a month after his college graduation, resulted from an interview with bluesman B.B. King.

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Old UPI Logo | Content Writer

Tom Brooks learned his craft competing for 12 years at UPI, the international news service.


   ” Tom stepped in and began preparing the committee’s emails, press releases, and other written communications.  Tom applied his communications skills to achieve some great results.  We were published more frequently and in more publications than in previous years. “

- A Nonprofit Chair

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