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EMAIL NEWSLETTERS | Find Folks Where They Hang Out – Their In-Box

Email newsletters bring results because they reach your customers and prospects where they spend lots of time –  their In-box. A recent study by McKinsey Global Institute found that the average person spends 28% of their workday on email. That beats all other internet and social media channels. Email offers higher click-through, conversion rates and return-on-investment (ROI) than any other channel.

To make the most of email marketing, use our suggested best practices. All email newsletters produced by TommyWrites have generated open rates of greater than 30 percent, well above industry averages.

Email newsletters

Best Practices Are the Difference Between Success and Failure with Email Marketing.

Among our best practices:

  • Content Rules. Your newsletter must be more heavily focused on interesting and/or useful content (content marketing) than a sales pitch. Constant Contact, the leading email marketing platform, recommends about an 80/20 percent split, with 80 percent content and 20 percent sales. Overt sales pitches are an irritant and will go unread and unopened.
  • Subject Lines Count. The subject line is your first impression since it is the first thing seen when an email browser is opened. About one-third of email recipients open email based on subject line alone, according to Convince and Convert, a social media strategy consulting firm.
  • Timing Matters. Midweek is best for business people (remember how you feel with a full Inbox on Monday morning?) According to research firm MarketingSherpa, click through rates are better in the morning than at noon or the afternoon.
  • Frequency Matters. Less can be better. You want your customers and prospects to have you “top-of-mind,” but only in a positive way. “Too many emails” is the number one reason given to “unsubscribe” from an email list. According to email consulting firm ReturnPath, companies that send subscribers less than weekly messages average a 26% read rate; those that delivered more frequently saw those numbers fall, with an average read rate of 20%.
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    Tom uses Constant Contact for email marketing. He can use any other reputable option.

    Mobile Use Is Growing. Digital marketing agency TopRankBlog claims 64 percent of decision makers access their email from a mobile device. That number grows daily. Email newsletters and email marketing must be optimized for mobile devices to be effective.

Get started now. Time is usually the biggest obstacle to an effective email marketing effort. For most small businesses, marketing gets pushed down the daily “to do” list.  Hire TommyWrites and start improving your top of mind awareness with your customers and prospects.

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  Tom has done a masterful job in crafting our newsletter, as witnessed by the feedback we’ve received
from clients:
   “I’m impressed by the quality of the company email you sent me. I can tell your company has
been successful because I can see a big difference in the quality of this newsletter over the ones
you used to send out in your earlier days.” – Client, B. Smith

-- From A Financial Advisor Client

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