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If your organization produces media content internally, a thorough review from TommyWrites might insure that you are on the right track. Use of our “best practices” will produce a message that says what you want to say.

Tom Brooks will tailor a package to check your marketing content and offer a complete written report, covering topics such as:

  • writing
  • choice/use of images
  • subject lines
  • headlines
  • email open rates
  • frequency/regularity
  • tone
  • social media usage
  • use of content in multiple channels

Sometimes some simple tweaking can improve email open rates or click-through rates from your Twitter or other social media accounts. Sometimes, just having another set of eyes on your work can produce a more customer-focused perspective.

Other areas for feedback include the frequency of your new content, subject lines of emails, the “lead” in your tweets and the tone of your writing. Some subjects need a technical writing style, some a news style and some a folksy style (among other style options).

If you produce content internally, and do it on a regular and scheduled basis, you are ahead of most of your competitors. Take that extra step to make sure you are getting the best leverage by scheduling a review from TommyWrites. We will put together a tailored package for a one-time review, or on a periodic schedule that will suit your timing and needs. Click here to get started.

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A Few Tweaks After a Content Review Could Yield Big Improvements