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Be A Blogger | Build Credibility

A blog builds trust and confidence with your customers and prospects. The fact is, you know more about your business than they do and a blog is a great way to educate them, while at the same time elevating your organization’s status in their eyes. (If unfamiliar with the term “blog,” click here or on the image above for a more thorough explanation).

The goal is to provide something informative, entertaining or enlightening (or all three!).

Need ideas on what to write about? They usually live all around you. A few ideas: new equipment, new products, a new way to deliver, a new way to shop, new employees, features on customers. The best approach is to lean heavily on content that is of interest to the reader, not just tooting your own horn. Yes, there is a time for horn-tooting, but first you must engage the reader.

Tom Brooks of TommyWrites can act as your blogger, or edit the blog copy you provide to ensure the highest level of readership.

Already Blogging?

If you already blog AND you are faithful about producing one on a regular schedule, maybe you could use a review to make sure you are getting the most out of it. TommyWrites offers coaching services. We will inspect what you are doing, make suggestions and provide a written report and evaluation. A fresh set of eyes can help.

We can also show you ways to increase exposure for your blog. Often, a blog can be the basis for an email newsletter and also the guts of your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Goggle+, etc.)

Contact Tom here for to improve your blogging today.

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